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Make a big Splash and get noticed.

Social media marketing, blog platforms and copywriting.  Seven Waves Marketing serves business owners and entrepreneurs through seven waves of marketing. Do you need a better social media plan? Are you an author or new business owner who needs a blog platform? Perhaps you need some new copy to refresh your website. These are the primary “waves” and each of our other marketing efforts flow through these primary sources to create one seamless message.

Seven Waves listens to your needs and challenges. We strategize and partner with you. Then we recommend unique and affordable ways to empower your brand and spread the word as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.


We harness the Power of Social Media, Copywriting and Online Marketing

Let us capture the attention of your target audience and guide you to communicate your brand difference with passion and enthusiasm. Each wave works to powerfully push your business further. In unison.

We help you tell your story and communicate your brand in a fresh, creative way that takes full advantage of the digital age. We’ll teach you everything we know. And we’ll work hard to get the results you’ve been longing for.